Code Of Conduct


1. My first rule is that no one should be swearing on my blog at all. It’s not appropriate and should not be allowed on any sort of blog or anywhere at school. Research has been shown that 6/10 kids swear at the age of 7 or under.

2. My second rule is that no one should ever bully people on my blog. It’s not on and is a mean and inappropriate way to treat people and no one should ever do any sort of thing on my blog or anybody’s blog.

3. My third rule is that no one should ever feel like they are not special or important on my blog because on my blog everyone is special and important and they should feel like they are being a part of a team.

4. My fourth and final rule is that everyone should feel safe when they are reading or looking at my blog. But If they are looking sad or don’t feel safe then go cheer them up and make them feel safe again.