Week 9 Reflection (Exhibition)

This week in exhibition we are working on the making conclusion stage. The first thing we had to complete was our poetry. I know I did it last week but we had to complete 2 more pieces of poetry and I completed it in a jiffy. I was told that they were not child-friendly so I will only show them to older children an adults.

The next thing, was to complete my data representation in my book which was for maths. I chose to do the percentage of domestic violence caused by men or women. 76% were men and 24% were women.

We had St Andrews in-concert which kind of ruined most of our exhibition time.

The final thing i did this week was to sort out my folder because it was a MESS! I had to sort them into sections of Calendar, Agreements etc… Tuning in – plan, research, making conclusions and reflections.

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