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Week 9 Reflection (Exhibition)

This week in exhibition we are working on the making conclusion stage. The first thing we had to complete was our poetry. I know I did it last week but we had to complete 2 more pieces of poetry and I completed it in a jiffy. I was told that they were not child-friendly so I will only show them to older children an adults.

The next thing, was to complete my data representation in my book which was for maths. I chose to do the percentage of domestic violence caused by men or women. 76% were men and 24% were women.

We had St Andrews in-concert which kind of ruined most of our exhibition time.

The final thing i did this week was to sort out my folder because it was a MESS! I had to sort them into sections of Calendar, Agreements etc… Tuning in – plan, research, making conclusions and reflections.

Week 8 Reflection (Exhibition)

This week in exhibition was a tough one but I handled it well. My first priority was to get my information texts completed. They were the main part of the making conclusions stage of exhibition. I also had to get my poetry completed but it was pretty simple. The poetry was about our global issue and we had to use our writing skills to complete the task. The final thing I had to complete was my clip on my Global issue and I had to complete my audio.

Research Reflection

Finding out

The first thing I had to do before we could sort out and go further was to do the finding out stage of exhibition. The finding out stage is basically the research that we have to do on our Global Issue. The finding out stage also answered all my questions on our diagram.

I had to use at least one primary source which is first hand information and not a second hand source. My primary source was mum who has helped me with most of the exhibition process so far. It was a big challenge because we had to find three sources that had the same information and that was. The finding out stage went on for about 1-2 weeks then we had to start the sorting out stage.

Sorting out

The sorting out stage was where I had to sort out only the important information that I found out in the finding out stage. That only took me 30-60 minutes to do but I had a harder challenge up ahead. To finish up the sorting out stage I found graphs and I had to use the information from those graphs to write questions.

Finding Out

Finally I had the going further stage and that was hard. I had to go further with one of our lines of inquiry. I chose Impacts of violence and i think I chose the right one. I had to research that line of inquiry and go deeper in our research so I have detailed information.

AFL Top 8 Spots Round 22

1st. Brisbane Lions

2nd. Geelong Cats

3rd. West Coast Eagles

4th. Richmond

5th. Collingwood

6th. GWS Giants

7th. Essendon

8th. Western Bulldogs

Weekly Reflection

This week exhibition was a challenge, and I mean a big challenge. We had to finish all our lines of inquiry and research all the questions to do with the lines of inquiry. We also had to finish the finding out stage of the exhibition because we were a week behind. It was a big challenge because we had to find out a primary source and I do not have a primary source. And to top that off the internet was not a primary source and you can get lost on the internet.

Tuning in Reflection

This week we finished our tuning in stage of exhibition and this is my reflection on this stage. My Central Idea is ‘Feelings, beliefs and values encourage responsibility’. It was quite hard to write a central idea and there were many attempts and fails but we got there in the end. We also finished our Lines of Inquiry and that was difficult as well. It was hard because we had to marry two concepts and at first i had no idea what a concept is. My teacher told me it wasn’t a physical thing and that made me even more confused. After hours of explaining and lots of hard work i finally had my lines of inquiry. My lines of inquiry were ‘An inquiry into types of violence’, ‘an inquiry into impacts of violence’, and ‘an inquiry into how to conquer violence’. To make my lines of inquiry I need transdiciplinary themes which are like the themes of the inquiry. My themes were ‘How we express ourselves’, ‘Sharing the planet’ and ‘How the world works’. We than to make our questions to make our lines of inquiry we needed Key Concepts. Mine were Form, Causation and Responsibility. I had my first Mentor Meeting was with my exhibition teacher and she was extremely helpful. I have an exhibition group and they are very funny. I think we need to improve on our focus better and staying on task. My Global issue is Violence and i chose it because it interests me and it is a big issue in the world.