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100 word challenge T2W1

We’re going to another planet far, far away’

My mum said because of global warming we are going to have to go to a planet far, far away so I can live a better life and don’t have to worry. We are going to Mars and dad said I might be able to own my own town and he will build it. I can’t wait to be able to jump really high anda be a champion jumper and all the good jumpers on earth suffering will laugh at the face of me the best jumper of all time. I am really, really sad of what humanity has done

…but it was the wrong colour…

Today I was so exited. I was going to get a red Lamborghini for my birthday from my mum and dad. My mums favourite colour is red and my dads is green. They said they’d get me a red one but I don’t know with my parents because they sometimes get it wrong but iv got hope that they’d remember. They said it was coming today at 11 o’clock and the time is 10.45am so in 15 minutes the car will be coming. They came to the door and it was the wrong colour.