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6 Word Story

In this weeks writers notebook session we talked about 6 sentence story’s and they can influence your writing

100 word challenge T2W1

We’re going to another planet far, far away’

My mum said because of global warming we are going to have to go to a planet far, far away so I can live a better life and don’t have to worry. We are going to Mars and dad said I might be able to own my own town and he will build it. I can’t wait to be able to jump really high anda be a champion jumper and all the good jumpers on earth suffering will laugh at the face of me the best jumper of all time. I am really, really sad of what humanity has done

Personal devices at School


Do you think personal devices are needed at school? I believe that personal devices at school for multiple reasons, which I have outlined below.

Do you want to be safe and stay in touch with your family? My first reason is that personal devices are useful for before school and after school activities such as sport, meetings and talks to the teachers. So they can let them know that they are there or safe.

My second reason is in case of emergency. For example, if there was a fire and you were worried that you were in danger, you could call or message your parents to notify them on your health and your worries. Therefore, you are safe and your parents are no longer concerned.

My third reason is if you were in your class and your teacher is giving a lot of work to you then you can simply go on to your device and store a lots of notes or notices. This is a strategy you can use to help you remember and organise your day. Its also handy for sending things such as images, links to resources and assignments.

Despite the positive options there are some downsides; you could get distracted and go off task. You could potentially send people things that they don’t need, are offensive or rude. However, having a personal device policy would allow these issues to be managed.

What do you think about using a personal devices at school? Would you like to get your own personal device for home? Do you belive your school should allow you to have it for work?